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Eye of the Tiger
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My first digi C= All comments/constructive criticism greatly appreciated I really hope to improve with practice xD
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Your first??? Wow. Thats so amazing! I thought it was a photo at first!
Silver Night
322 days ago   

Your FIRST Digi????!! Your kidding right? It's AMAZING!!!
M y s t e r y
275 days ago   

117 days ago   

How did you make that?
ZippinToTrouble Stables
149 days ago   

Are you serious? This is your first digi? it looks like you've been doing them forever! It's sooo amazing! I wish I could do that! LOL Great Job!
327 days ago   

thtas soo cool
All Star Thouoghbreds
334 days ago   

Thanks = D
Victoria Anne Stables
20 days ago   

Nokotas In Color
20 days ago   

That is a beautiful digi.
Appaloosa Lover
20 days ago   

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