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Here Is My Picture For The Ponylabs Contest!

Hope You Like It:]
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Wow! Love the darkness on the image! ^^ Perhaps you could have gotten the dodge tool and set it on shadows, because of that light spot in the clouds. If you rain it over the darkened part of the horse's face, it'd look more blended. But other than that ,well done!
286 days ago   

that is cool! just a bit dark!
87 days ago   

107 days ago   

Its very, very dark :P but probobly it looks good xD
117 days ago   

*Cries* Your so lucky to have a really good talent in making manips!
Jenna Lucas Studios
130 days ago   

Brite Star Studios
158 days ago   

aw, thank you alex:]
DogHouse Labs
189 days ago   

Your stuff amazes me!!
189 days ago   

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