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This is my 15hh Quarter Hose Mac. Mac is very energetic. And likes to think hes the boss- unfortunately thats not how its mean to be. At the moment Im working with Mac daily and Im learning to control him through voice commands and body language. Hes very stubborn, but when we work together, we re unstoppable! :D

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Did you paint that mane or is it natural?
Xanhtus Farm
54 days ago   

OMG! Mac has the same exact hair color as me! lol but my hair isn't that long. cute horsie! 8-)
5 days ago   

Wow! Amazing photo + Mac is gorgeous:D
104 days ago   

Wow nice colouring!
Bleeding the Hourglass
250 days ago   

Deppy, your photography is flawless!
Jenna Lucas Studios
256 days ago   

all your horses are beautifull, you sould post some stock of them. They would make great manipulaions!
310 days ago   

I'll tell Mac you said so! :P I had an awesome day jumping him today. It was the first time I've jumped him. Loads of fun! :D
109 days ago   

110 days ago   

aww hes soo kute!=]
peace and love
110 days ago   

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