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Member Name:  Jenna Lucas Studios
Location:  USA
Favorite Breed:  Friesians
Member Since:  25th Jun 2008
Last Online:  2011-04-14 12:32:21
 Member Stats
 Total Rodeos Won:  1838
 Total Rodeos Lost:  2299
 Total Referrals:  0
 Carrot Count:  418
 Forum Posts:  1478
Hey I'm Jenna, I own one friesian gelding name Edward
Well if you wanna be friends, I'm all for it!
My Favorites
Color: Red and Lavender
Animal: Horse, Cat and Dog
Movie: The Lord of the Rings, Secretariat, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Blues Brothers
Stars: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift
Song:Go Do by Jonsi
Food: Dark meat, baby!

Here's the boring part . . . The Rules!

*No stealing my stock, pics or graphics

*Ask me before you use my stock

*Please mail me what you made out of my stock :)

*Don't post any mean comments or I will report, same with hate mail

Follow these rules! Thanks!

  New and Improved Eddie
9 files
5012 Kb
  Schleich Horses
In The Stable
2 files
776 Kb
2 files
840 Kb
6 files
244 Kb
23 files
8838 Kb
  Free Backgrounds
Eaton Canyon 1
5 files
2402 Kb
  My other pets
5 files
1154 Kb
Zion Horse
1 files
63 Kb
  even more horses
8 files
1351 Kb
  some horses
7 files
1089 Kb
 10th Dec 2008
 1st Jan 2009
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